Marie O'Reilly Duffy About Me

About Marie O'Reilly Duffy

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist; a trained and accredited couples counsellor; a registered trainer for Triple P Parenting Programmes. I have also completed the Strengthening Families training. I am director of the company Potential Parenting Limited.

I work with a diverse range of clients with wide-ranging issues including anxiety, stress, bereavement, loss, relationship issues, depression, crisis management. I specialise in family related issues, including working with traumatic events such as parents who have fled war-torn countries, for their lives. I offer whole parenting programmes, and can also provide short parenting programmes, available in two hourly slots tailored for parents not available to complete the entire programme.

I have deep interest in neuroscience and how the study of the nervous system helps and informs the therapeutic relationship. I am fascinated by the relationship between body feelings and mind and trauma. I have been particularly influenced by Dr Peter Levine’s approach to healing body trauma through his Somatic Experiencing (SE) techniques.

I work in many different settings and use various therapeutic approaches; primarily my work is informed by Psychosynthesis. I also use numerous other practices including CBT, mindfulness and somatic experiencing. A further influence has been the Italian psychotherapist, writer and philosopher, Piero Ferrucci. His wide-ranging writings include works on parenting and the techniques of Psychosynthesis.

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Marie O'Reilly Duffy