Marie O'Reilly Duffy Group Facilitation

Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals Albert Einstein

Group Facilitation

For a number of years, I have provided group facilitation for two local authorities, with particular emphasis on parental support.

I also support groups with very specific agenda needs. For example, I provided facilitation to enable a group of adults articulate, in an assertive and positive way, the needs of vulnerable family members to an authority figure.

I provide group facilitation for parents. Some parents I work with follow various Triple P programmes. I also provide and deliver parenting support as part of DOR Therapy Services, where we use a model of parenting based on the aspects of Psychosynthesis. We use a particular model, the Danielle Roex right relations model, to enable positive, assertive and clear communication. I am director of the company Potential Parenting Limited.

I support and facilitate ad-hoc open groups where people can attend in a drop in, first come, first served basis. These groups are bespoke and creative where the participants set the agenda and formulate the desired result.

I am passionate about diversity and have a keen interest in supporting and empowering women’s groups and ethnic minority groups.

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